RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory. This is a kind of computer memory, that, in contrast to other storage devices like hard disks or DVDs, enables the info to be accessed directly without reading the previous content located in it. Every time an application is launched, it is stored within the RAM, due to the fact that it could be accessed much more quickly than if it was read from another media device. In terms of the hosting service itself, more RAM means that more web apps can run concurrently on a particular web server, particularly when they are resource-demanding and are accessed by a significant number of people simultaneously. Unlike a shared web hosting solution in which the system resources of a given account could be flexible and frequently depend on what other users consume too, a VPS provides a guaranteed amount of RAM you can use at all times. That memory is assigned to one server only and will not be used by other customers even in case it's not being used.

Guaranteed RAM in VPS

The physical memory you will get with every single virtual private server we offer is guaranteed and shall be available all of the time even when you do not use it all for a long stretch of time. Every VPS account features set system resources and runs in an isolated container independently from all of the other accounts on the physical machine, so even if some account starts running out of memory, we shall never allocate some of your memory to that account. Also we never distribute the entire physical memory on the hardware node among the virtual accounts created on it, to make sure that it will never run out of memory. In this way, there will always be free RAM if you wish to upgrade your package and we guarantee the flawless functioning of the physical web server.

Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Hosting

The amount of RAM that comes with each dedicated server which we supply is sufficient enough even for extremely resource-demanding web applications. The memory will be available for your Internet sites and all other software that you install on the server at all times, so if at some point you use a fraction of the system resources you have, we shall never alter the hardware configuration you have ordered. All the components are subjected to testing before the web server is built, including the RAM sticks, to make certain that you will get a flawlessly working hosting server that will ensure the best possible efficiency for your websites. The amount of physical memory you have shall be listed together with the full server configuration specifications within your billing Control Panel.